Wescot credit services complaints – Don’t pay westcott collections

Debt collector profile

  •  They’re manipulative, deceitful, evil and narcissistic.
  • They lack remorse, are callous, and may take pleasure in hurting others.
  • They’re impulsive, may use drugs, and may not care about the consequences of their actions.
  • They are aggressive and may have a history of criminal behaviour.
  • They like killing small pet animals

Some of the poeple on the consumer action group forums may advocate some of the actions below, but only maybe in a private message.

Do not pay Westcott Debt.
Do not take calls from Wescot Debt.
Do not respond to letters from Wescot Credit Services Ltd.
If you do get a letter from Wescot Debt Collection send it back not at this address.
Do not answer the door to Westcott Debt Collection under any circumstances.
Ignore all text messages from Wescot Debt Collectors but don’t delete them.
Westcott Credit Services are very common.
Block all Westcott Debt phone numbers in your mobile.

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