Bluestone Credit Management HMRC Debt Collectors – Complaints – Harassment – Calls – Text Messages – Home visits – Threats?

Harassment by debt collector

This guy above is a very nasty debt collector.  He does not care if you have no savings, no assets, a minimum wage job, a rented flat and other debts.  He wants you to borrow the money from somewhere else – anyone will do as long as he gets his old defaulted debts paid back.  He thinks he is very important.  In his spare time, he writes books about how to beat up your wife without leaving marks.

Do not pay Bluestone Credit Management.
Do not take calls from Bluestone Credit Management HMRC.
Do not respond to letters from Bluestone Debt Collection.
If you do get a letter from Bluestone Credit Management Payment send it back not at this address.
Do not answer the door to a Bluestone Payments collector under any circumstances.
Ignore all text messages from Bluestone HMRC but don’t delete them.
Bluestone Phone Number is very common.
Block all Bluestone Credit Management phone numbers in your mobile.

Have you had a debt collector on your home doorstep?

Often the most horrible debt collectors send manipulative men to the doorstep of your home to threaten you into robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Manipulative Collection Agency Threatening Letter

Many of the nastiest debt collector agencies use deceptive letters to find out if it is worth putting you in court for a CCJ.

Telepest harassment phone calls

Some of the evilest debt collection agencies use auto dialler boiler rooms to make repeated and persistent harassment calls to your home, your work and your mobile phone to bully you into making unaffordable payments.

Attachment of earnings order (DEA)

The great thing about an attachment of earnings application (DEA) is sometimes you don’t need to pay and your employer may not need to find out.