Should i pay Lowell financial? Probably not no!

This is the type of employee that would do well as a debt collector.  He has no inhibitions, he is bold and he is mean.  He has no moral judgement.  When he was 11 his parents bought him a guinea pig but after a week he killed it with his bare hands and watched it die!

Some of the people on the consumer action group forums may advocate the below:

Do not pay Lowell Solicitors.
Do not take calls from Lowell Portfolio Debt Collectors.
Do not respond to letters from Lowell Financial Debt Collection.
If you do get a letter from Lowell Financial Watchdog send it back not at this address.
Do not answer the door to Lowell Debt Collectors under any circumstances.
Ignore all text messages from Lowells Debt but don’t delete them.
Lowell Debt Recovery is very common.
Block all Lowell Solicitors phone numbers in your mobile.

Do not pay Lowells debt collection agency

They make peoples lives a misery they are evil.

Have you had a debt collector on your home doorstep?

Often the evilest debt collection agencies send dishonest men to your home to threaten you into making payments you can’t afford.

Nasty Debt Collection Agency Threatening Letter

Many of the evilest debt collectors use deceptive letters to find out if it is worth throwing you in court for a CCJ.

Repeated harassing phone calls

Some of the most horrible debt collector agencies use automated outgoing call centres to make threatening phone calls to your house, your work and your mobile phone to harass you into making payments you can’t afford.

Attachment of earnings application (DEA)

The good thing about an attachment of earnings order is sometimes you don’t need to pay anything and your employer may not need to discover the debt.