Do not pay Advantis Credit. Have you been harassed? Have you been threatened? Have you had your phone numbers abused? CCJ in credit file?

The debt collector pictured above does not like getting CCJ’s against people.  Because he knows once the court has found out your means the battle is lost.  What he wants to do to get his money is for you to borrow all the money he says he is owed from someone else to pay him.  He doesn’t care who, he’s probably not bothered if he is paid with money you’ve got by mugging old grannies.  He just wants his cash urgently because he thinks he is very important.  He is a very nasty individual.



Do not pay Advantis Credit.
Do not take calls from Advantiscredit – it’s likely you won’t like them.
Do not respond to letters from Advantis Debt Collection.
If you do get a letter from Advantis Dvla send it back not at this address.  Google the address on the back BEFORE you open it.
Do not answer the door because of an Urgent Call From Advantis under any circumstances.
Ignore all text messages from Advantis Debt Collection HMRC but don’t delete them.
Advantis Debt Collection Centre is very common.
Block all Advantis Credit phone numbers in your mobile.

Debt collector home visit harassment

Often the most horrible debt recovery specialists send threatening people to your house to bully you into borrowing money from somewhere else to pay them.

Nasty Debt Collector Threatening Letters

Many of the most nasty debt collection service providers use manipulative letters to find out if it is worth putting you in court for a CCJ.

Telepest harassment phone calls

Some of the most evil debt collection service providers use auto dialer boiler rooms to make threatening phone calls to your home landline, your employers and your mobile phone to manipulate you into robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Attachment of earnings application

The good thing about an attachment of earnings application is on occasion you don’t need to pay and your work may not need to discover the debt.