Do I need to pay HMRC 1st Locate debt collectors?

The man above is a debt collector.  He specialises in collecting money from people who have no spare income and no assets.  He is a vile and repulsive individual.  Recently he collected money for old defaulted debt bought for 9p in the pound by:

  • Getting the debtors granny to get Aviva equity release
  • Getting the debtor to borrow money from his loan shark mate
  • Getting the debtor to go to a dubious company that takes massive fees to cash in their pension not only leaving them with no pension but potentially a tax liability too
  • Getting the debtor to take all his parents savings by stealing their cheque book and writing a cheque to themselves – after all, who wants their own son to go to jail?





Do not pay 1St Locate Uk.
Do not take calls from 1St Locate HMRC.
Do not respond to letters from 1St Locate Uk Ltd Leeds.
If you do get a letter from First Locate Leeds send it back not at this address.
Do not answer the door to First Locate Debt Collectors under any circumstances.
Ignore all text messages from First Locate Debt Collection but don’t delete them.
1St Locate Debt Collection Agency is very common.
Block all 1St Locate Uk phone numbers in your mobile.

Debt collector home visit

Often the nastiest debt recovery agencies send dishonest men to your house to bully you into robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Have You Received a Debt Collector Threatening Letter?

Many of the evilest debt collection service providers use deceptive letters to find out if it is worth pursuing a CCJ against you.

Harassing phone calls

Some of the nastiest debt collectors use autodialer boiler rooms to make repeated and persistent harassment calls to your house landline, your employers phone and your mobile to scam you into making payments you can’t afford.

Attachment of earnings order

The excellent thing about an attachment of earnings order (DEA) is sometimes you don’t need to pay and your office may not need to find out.