Cabot financial bought my debt – Debt Collector Harassment? Frequent Calls? Nasty Threatening Letters?

Target employee type for a debt collector – looks decent enough but he’ll do an attachment to your earnings so your employer finds out you’ve been thrown in court.

He’ll try and talk you into getting your granny to cash in her house with equity release to get the money to pay your debt.

He’s such a nasty individual he could kill a small pet animal with his bare hands and think nothing of it.


Some of the people on the consumer action group forums may advocate some actions as below:

Do not pay Cabot Financial.
Do not take calls from Cabot Debt Collectors.
Do not respond to letters from Cabot Financial Ccj.
If you do get a letter from Cabot Financial Debt Collection send it back not at this address.
Do not answer the door to Cabot under any circumstances.
Ignore all text messages from Cabot Financial West Malling but don’t delete them.
Cabot Financial Kent is very common.
Block all Cabot Financial phone numbers in your mobile.

Cabot Financial Complaints

But these people are not lawyers and some of their ideas might work some of them not so well.