Don’t pay Credit Style Debt Collectors

This man is a psychopath.  He can’t love, he has no remorse or shame, he has a grandiose sense of self-worth, he’s a pathological liar.  He’s cold, heartless and inhuman.  He is an absolutely ideal person to work for a debt collector on the phones!  All the correct personal skills.


Do not pay Credit Style, Limited Sheffield.
Do not take calls from Credit Style.
Do not respond to letters from Csl Debt Collection.
If you do get a letter from 03300450650 send it back not at this address.
Do not answer the door to Credit Style Debt Collectors under any circumstances.
Ignore all text messages from Credit Style Debt Collection but don’t delete them.
Credit Style Collection Agency are very common.
Block all Credit Style Limited Sheffield phone numbers in your mobile.


Have you had a manipulative debt collector on your home doorstep?

Often the most evil debt collection agencies send threatening people to your home to threaten you into paying money you can’t afford.

Debt Collector Threatening Letters

Many of the most nasty debt collector agencies use threatening letters to find out if it is worth putting you in court for a CCJ.

Telepest harassment phone calls

Some of the most nasty debt collection agencies use auto dialer boiler rooms to make repeated and persistent harassment calls to your house, your employers phone and your mobile to manipulate you into making payments you can’t afford.

Attachment of earnings order

The excellent thing about a direct earnings attachment (DEA) is sometimes you don’t need to pay and your employer may not need to discover the debt.