Do not pay Link Financial Debt Collectors – Do not talk to them

This woman has a narcissistic personality disorder.  She thinks that she is very important and collecting debts is very important to her.  She has no empathy for others.  She often shows extreme confidence.  She is an ideal person to be a debt collector!

Do not pay Link Financial because they use Harassment.
Do not take calls from Link Debt Recovery.
Do not respond to letters from Link Financial Complaints.
If you do get a letter from Link Financial Debt Collectors send it back not at this address.
Do not answer the door to Www.Linkfinancial.Eu under any circumstances.
Ignore all text messages from Www.Linkfinancial.Co.Uk but don’t delete them.
Link Financial Outsourcing Ltd is very common.
Block all Link Financial Harassment phone numbers in your mobile.